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"Developing the Eye with Erin Babnik", The Landscape Photography Podcast Interview, Episode 1

Veteran podcast personality Nick Page (formerly of the Improve Photography Podcast) has launched a new podcast channel dedicated to landscape photography. Erin Babnik was his guest for the show’s inaugural episode. Titled “Developing the Eye with Erin Babnik,” Episode 1 delves into the topics of composition, being creative in the field, and growing as an artist. This was a very lively discussion that should appeal to landscape photographers at any stage in their creative journey.

Out of Chicago Podcast Interview with Erin Babnik

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Now on iTunes and Android: "Art History and Landscape Photography with Erin Babnik." Interviewer Chris Smith masterfully drew out some answers from Erin that took the conversation deep into topics that included: photography's ancient past, compositional trends in landscape photography, meaning and storytelling, female landscape photographers, Erin's relationship with her Photo Cascadia teammates, and much more.

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Meeting of Minds Live Video Interview with Erin Babnik

 A MEETING OF MINDS 2016Photographer David Ward sat down with Erin for a video interview streamed live to the world following her talk at the Meeting of Minds Landscape Photography Conference in Cumbria, England. They discussed some of the points from her talk and took a question from the audience regarding the development of personal style.


 Watch the interview here.


On the High Mountains with Erin Babnik

TTIMlogoThe Traveling Image Makers, Episode 30, titled "On the High Mountains with Erin Babnik." Interviewer Ugo Cei asked Erin some great questions about photographing in high alpine environments, about the differences between landscape photography culture in Europe and the United States, and much more. It was a very engaging discussion that covers topics that have not come up in previous interviews with Erin.

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Long Distance Hiking and Photography – David Cobb

PR secondary3-300x73David Cobb, a long distance hiker, landscape photographer, garden photographer, and contributor to Photo Cascadia, joins the Photography Podcast to discuss what makes him tick. The journey that David Cobb took to shooting photos is a great one to learn from because it starts as a way for him to express an artistic medium.

Life in Focus - Adrian Klein


Life in Focus - The Pacific Northwest is a haven for outdoor enthousiast. For those born  and raised ther, the changing seasons offer constant reminder of nature's unyielding beauty. For landscape photographer, Adriane Klein, it's a dream come true to be able to combine both passions of the great outdoors and photography.