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David Cobb to Speak at the Canon Experience Center in Costa Mesa


"The Art of Garden & Flower Photography", Sponsored by Canon

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In this talk for Canon Live Learning, David Cobb will discuss the finer points of photographing garden landscapes, including critical composition skills, an introduction to exposure strategies, techniques for photographing the garden landscape, and lens approaches. In addition, David will present techniques for composition and exposure of flora macros, choosing your background, and photographing plants and flowers creatively.

Thursday, March 22, 2018
7-9 PM, PST
123 Paularino Ave., Costa Mesa, CA
Free admission

Erin to Speak at the B&H Event Space in New York City



Monday, January 22, 2018
B&H Event Space
New York City Superstore, Second Floor
420 9th Avenue
New York, NY
Seats available. Free Registration.

“Exploration for Landscape Photography: Finding Your Own Frontiers”

Given the great many landscape photographs that feature the same, familiar locations, it might seem as though those places are all that is worthwhile photographing in the world. The reality is that an astonishing variety of highly photogenic locations are never photographed, while others are teeming with photographers who may be unaware of their other options. In this talk, Erin Babnik shares a wealth of information drawn from her own experiences of pioneering new locations for landscape photography. The story begins with a look at creative soul-searching that can be a guiding light in choosing a fruitful direction. From there the discussion continues through the many research strategies and resources that can help to make a large world and distant places become more accessible and familiar. Finally, Erin offers advice for the ultimate creative process of seeing and responding once the boots hit the ground.

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Erin to Speak and Teach at Landscape Photography Conference in Utah


Out of Moab Landscape Photography Conference

Erin will be speaking and teaching at a unique landscape photography conference in Moab, Utah this coming October. A total of 12 instructors will lead small groups for outdoor photography excursions and will offering indoor educational sessions each day. This is likely to be the biggest landscape photography event of 2018. Photo Cascadia fans may use the code BABNIK250 to receive a $250 discount off of the cost of registration (code expires Tuesday, November 18, 2017).


October 5–9, 2018
Moab, Utah

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Atmosphere: Photo Cascadia Traveling Gallery Show Opens In Ashland, Oregon

Photo Cascadia's first group show premiers at Hanson Howard Gallery in Ashland, Oregon! You can also see the exhibit Tuesday through Saturday, 11:00 am to 5:00 pm, November 1 to 18.

The images in the show have been selected for qualities of atmosphere, an elusive but critical element in our photography. As a group, we share a passion for atmosphere, searching it out and capturing it in the landscape, so we felt it was a fitting and unifying theme for our first show. What is atmosphere? In the literal sense, it is the envelope of gases surrounding the earth. In a more literary sense atmosphere often refers to the heavens, firmament or the ether. More commonly it can allude to the pervading tone or mood of a place, situation, or work of art. Other words that express the meaning of atmosphere are ambiance, feel, character, aura, quality and flavor. In our landscape photography, atmosphere is often the defining element and key ingredient. Recognizing and recording compelling atmosphere at the precise moment is often the difference between ordinary and transcendent. The Atmosphere Exhibit features 14 pieces, two per photographer. The photographs are 30x45 inch fine art, high gloss prints on aluminum. Special thanks to HD Aluminum Prints in Vancouver, Washington for their excellent work producing the show. Prints are available for order in a range of sizes through the gallery. It is an honor to have Hanson Howard Gallery host the show's inaugural location. Hanson Howard Gallery is located at 89 Oak St. in Ashland, OR. For more information visit or call 541-488-2562.


Erin to Give Talk for Canon in Los Angeles



“Composition Now: Contemporary Approaches to a Timeless Art”

In this talk for Canon Live Learning, Erin Babnik will discuss the topic of composition with regards to its ancient history, its evolving trends, and its ability to help generate meaning in an image. Erin’s points weave together historical, practical, and theoretical considerations with a focus on the art of composition in landscape photography. With its wide-ranging ideas, this talk will be of interest both to landscape photographers and to appreciators of the genre.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Canon Experience Center
123 Paularino Avenue,
Costa Mesa, California
Free admission.

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Erin to Give Talk for Canon in San Francisco


“Composition Now: Contemporary Approaches to a Timeless Art”

In this talk for Canon Live Learning, Erin Babnik will discuss the topic of composition with regards to its ancient history, its evolving trends, and its ability to help generate meaning in an image. Erin’s points weave together historical, practical, and theoretical considerations with a focus on the art of composition in landscape photography. With its wide-ranging ideas, this talk will be of interest both to landscape photographers and to appreciators of the genre.


Thursday, May 11, 2017
Canon Creative Center
201 California Street,
San Francisco
Free admission.

Erin to Speak at Landscape Photography Conference in England

Erin Babnik will be one of five speakers at "A Meeting of Minds 2016: A Dedicated Landscape Photography Conference", which will take place November 18–20, 2016 at the Rheged Centre at the edge of the Lake District in Cumbria, England. Organized by OnLandscape Magazine, this three-day conference includes sidecar events such as a sit-down dinner with conference delegates and a series of "lightning talks".


Tickets are available now through the OnLandscape website. Early-bird tickets are available for sale through the end of March.




New Book: America - Wild Landscapes


America - Wild Landscapes is a new photo book collaboration the Photo Cascadia team did with fellow photographer Christian Heeb, author Stefan Nink and German publishing house Würzburg. The large format photo book showcases wild landscapes that contribute to the myth of the American dream. The Great Lakes in the Midwest, untamed nature in Yosemite and Grand Teton National Park, South Sea exoticism in Hawaii and arctic solitude in Alaska - America has countless facets, no country offers a greater variety of landscapes. Get more information about the book America - Wild Landscapes here.




9783800348206 19783800348206 2

Sean Bagshaw Dreamscapes 2016 - Original STÜRTZ Calendar

9783800354252For the third year Publishing house Würzburg is publishing Dreamscapes, a calendar featuring Sean Bagshaw's images. The 2016 calendar is large format (two feet wide) and beautifully printed. It features the following images: 

Hot air balloons over Cappadocia, Turkey
Sunset on the coast, Mexico
Waterfall in Parque Nacional Volcán Arenal, Costa Rica
Alvord Desert and Steens Mountain, Oregon, United States
Hidden beach in Sayulita, Mexico
Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, USA
Waterfalls in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
9783800354252 2North Cascades National Park, Washington, USA
Autumn idyll: Outlet Falls, Washington, USA
Dawn on the coast, Oregon, USA
Gokyo Lake and Cho Oyu, Gokyo Valley, Nepal

Erin Babnik Joins PhotoCascadia


PhotoCascadia is proud to announce the addition of Erin Babnik as a new full time member of the team! If you didn't previously know Erin's photography then hopefully you were introduced to her when she began contributing to the PhotoCascadia blog back in March of this year. Erin has the distinct honor of being the first and only person to be asked to join PhotoCascadia since the six original members formed the group several year ago.

Since the beginning, PhotoCascadia's mission has been to explore areas of natural beauty, encourage appreciation and conservation of wild places and offer inspiration by sharing our images, our stories, and our knowledge with other photographers who share our passion. We were quite content with the group and were not looking for a new member.Babnik bio

However, over the past several months it became clear that Erin was too good a fit not to be a member. She is smart, humble, kind, energetic and generous. Her photos are of the highest quality and artistry and were already admired by the group before we knew who she was. In addition to being a talented photographer she is an educated art historian, an excellent writer and has great energy, passion and vision. Erin's love of nature, adventure, exploration and sharing her knowledge aligns directly with the PhotoCascadia mission. During the time she has been contributing articles to the PhotoCascadia blog she has engaged, inspired and connected with our readers in a very positive way. Finally, hailing from northern California, she lives on the southern boundary of the Cascadia region so she knows, explores and photographs the area intimately.

Please join us in giving Erin a very warm welcome! You can look forward to seeing a lot more from her in the future!

Presentation: Photographing and Developing For High Dynamic Range

Grants Pass Camera Club Third Wednesday Meeting

First Christian Church Fellowship Hall 305 SW H St Grants Pass, OR Wednesday, January 21, 2015 7 - 9 pm

Presentation by Sean Bagshaw: Photographing and Developing For High Dynamic Range free and open to the public

Club website and contact


A common occurrence when photographing the landscape is that our images don't match what we saw. The brighter areas in an image may be completely overexposed or shadow areas may appear totally black. This is because the dynamic range, or contrast, we encounter in nature is often at the edge of or beyond what our cameras can record in a single exposure. Fortunately, there are many ways to overcome challenges of high dynamic range light, both in the camera and in developing. Sean's presentation will look at different types of natural light, how to evaluate the dynamic range in a scene and several techniques for controlling the dynamic range in your images.

Adrian Part of Smithsonian Wilderness Forever Exhibit

For those that don't know 2014 celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act passed in 1964. The Smithsonian will be showcasing photos that depict wilderness and all we have to be thankful for today due to the Wilderness Act. The show goes through early summer 2015.

Last January Adrian Klein was fortunate enough to have 5 out of 300 semi-finalist images selected from the thousands submitted. Given how much he enjoys the outdoors, especially wilderness areas, this meant a lot to him.

Out of the final 300 images two of his have been selected for display in this exhibition, one for People in Wilderness and one for Scenic Landscapes. Not sure he will make it to the exhibit to see his images on display yet it’s nice to know he has a small part in shaping the view all the visitors will have into our wilderness with this exhibition.

The two images in this post are the ones selected for the exhibit. It’s a reminder to be appreciative for all the wilderness areas we have available to explore today thanks to the Wilderness Act. Congrats to all the winning photographers. Happy exploring and photographing!



David Cobb Wins Gold


David Cobb's book with Ken Brown wins gold at the Independent Books Publisher's Award for best book of the year in the "Home and Garden" category.

Quiet Beauty Tuttle Book Cover image FB

Can/Am Photo Expo 2015

CAPE-LOGOMarch 20, 21, 22, 2015

Buffalo Niagara Marriott, Amherst, NY

Sean Bagshaw will be presenting at the 2015 CanAm Photo Expo with some of the industry's top photographers, including Rick Sammon, David Cross, Don Komarechka, Neal Urban, Roman Kurwyczk and more. Information and Registration

Outdoor Photographer November 2014 Cover and Showcase

November 2014 OP coverPhotoCascadia members contributed to the November 2014 issue of Outdoor Photographer Magazine. Kevin McNeal's image of fall color and the first snow on the Dallas Divide, Colorado has a full page in the Showcase Section. Sean Bagshaw's photo of a sunrise at the Rogue River Gorge in Oregon is featured on the cover.

Photo Cascadia's Favorite Fall Locations in Outdoor Photographer Magazine

October-OP-CoverPhoto Cascadia contributed an article to the October 2014 issue of Outdoor Photographer Magazine on our favorite fall photography locations in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to the photographs that acompanied the article, Sean, Kevin and Chip had images featured in the Showcase section and another of Sean's images was also used for the cover. If you don't get the magazine you should, but you can also read the full article on the OP website.

Photo Cascadia Meet and Greet in Bend - December 2013

1375824_650092388359064_378361922_n Location: The Cascade Center of Photography

December 14th, 2013, 6-8pm

Google Map

Come hang out with the members of Photo Cascadia at a reception at the Cascade Center of Photography. Photo Cascadia consists of six of the top northwest landscape photographers: Chip Phillips, Adrian Klein, David Cobb, Zach Schnepf, Kevin McNeal and Sean Bagshaw. We are all from the Pacific Northwest and share the common interest of photographing the striking beauty of the outdoors, especially the Northwestern United States. It's rare that all six photographers are together in one place. Come meet the whole team at the Cascade Center of Photography, 390 SW Columbia Street, Suite 110, Bend, Oregon. No registration necessary.

Sean Bagshaw's Image Selected in 2012 Windland Smith Rice Awards

Sean Bagshaw's image, Color Wash, was selected as the top image in the Art In Nature category in the Windland Smith Rice International Awards. Beginning in June of 2013 it will be on exhibit, along with the other winning images in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC. Over 20,000 images from all over the world were entered in the competition. In 2008 Sean's image, Lunar Eclipse Over Mt. Shasta, was also a category winner in the Windland Smith Rice Awards.

Windland Smith_Rice_2012Color Wash

David Cobb Book Signings & Presentations

David Cobb will be doing book signings for "Quiet Beauty:Japanese Gardens of North America" and conducting presentations "Photographing the Japanese Garden" April 10, 2013 (7pm) at the Columbia Center for the Arts in Hood River, Oregon and April 12, 2013 (5:30pm) at the Portland Japanese Garden in Portland, Oregon.

David Cobb's Book Publishes April 2013

Quiet Beauty_Tuttle_Book_Cover_imageDavid Cobb's book with Ken Brown "Quiet Beauty: Japanese Gardens of North America" will be published by Tuttle Publishing April 2013. Pre-orders are currently being taken by


Columbia Council of Camera Clubs 2012 Convention



Sean Bagshaw will be making two presentations at the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs conference this year.  The conference will be held in Tri-Cities Washington September 28-30, 2012. Sean's lectures will include Luminosity Maksing and Channel Selections and CS6 Based Workflow with Lightroom 4.  Other presenters at the 2012 4C's conference include George Lepp, Moose Peterson and Randall J. Hodges.

International Conservation Photography Awards


June 30 - November 25, 2012

Sean Bagshaw's image, Dune Lines, has been selected for the 2012 Internation Conservation Photography Awards in the Landscape Category. This is the 4th year that Sean has had an image honored with a selection.

The Burke Museum will once again exhibit the winners of the International Conservation Photography Awards, a biennial juried competition founded by acclaimed local nature photographer, Art Wolfe. See 75 award-wining photographs from across the globe. Capturing beautiful moments in the natural world, the photos connect us to tiny creatures and enormous environmental changes – and inspire, educate, and encourage us all to consider our impact on the world’s natural resources.

New HTC Phones Feature Photo Cascadia Images


Cell phone company HTC chose Photo Cascadia images to come pre loaded on their new line of smart phones. They wanted high quality and visually stunning images to help showcase the high resolution screens on the new phones and our images were just what they were looking for.

University Of Oregon Exhibits Sean Bagshaw's Photography

Cholla SunriseGallery to showcase ‘Earth Palette,’ a ‘painted’ canvas photography exhibit

Work of Ashland's Sean Bagshaw on display through August

Beginning March 15, the University of Oregon School of Law will exhibit “Earth Palette,” a photography collection by Ashland photographer Sean Bagshaw. The exhibition runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Knight Law Center’s second-floor gallery until August 24. A public reception with Bagshaw will take place from 5 to 7 p.m. Thursday, April 5, at the Knight Law Center.

“Earth Palette” reflects Bagshaw’s passion for exploring the world. Bagshaw’s inspiration comes from natural materials that enhance his photography: light, color, texture,shape, motion, geology and meteorology. The exhibition, however, is more than photos; it showcases Bagshaw’s love and appreciation for landscape.


The exhibition is free and open to the public. For more information about the “Earth Palette” exhibit, contact Dom Vetri at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

David Cobb Photography Exhibition in Washington D.C.

Moonbridge Sunrise_PCDavid Cobb will be having a major exhibition of his work at the U.S. Botanic Garden in Washington D.C. from February 18 - April 29. His "Japanese Gardens of North America" images will be part of the "Orchid Mystique: Nature's Triumph" exhibit in the Conservatory Garden Court and East Gallery. This will coincide with the 100th anniversary of the cherry blossom bloom on the mall. Please stop by and view the images if you happen to be in the city.

Sierra Club Greeting Cards

Three of Sean Bagshaw's images have now been published as Sierra Club greeting cards by Pomegranate Communications.  Photos published include Red Willow Sea, Earth Bound Sun and Sunrise Majestic.  The cards are available anywhere Sierra Club cards are sold.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the cards supports the Sirra Club's efforts to preserve and protect the planet.

David Cobb and Sean Bagshaw Honored In ICP Awards

David Cobb and Sean Bagshaw each have Highly Honored images in the 2010 International Conservation Photography Awards which were started by Art Wolfe 14 years ago.  The exhibit will be on display at the Burke Museum of Natural History in Seattle until September.  The images in the exhibit can also be viewed online at the ICPA site.

David's honored image is "War".

Sean's honored image is "Shadow Lands".

Photographer of the Year, Landscape Winner

Abraham Lake Ice-1st Place


Lone Tree, Palouse Hills-2nd Place


Photographer Chip Phillips recently won first and second place in the Landscapes category of Digital Camera Magazine's Photographer of the Year Contest.

Outdoor Photographer Magazine

Kevin McNeal - Cover of Outdoor Photographer Sept 2009 - Shi Shi Beach, WA

Sean Bagshaw In The News

Hidden Lake_Panorama

Read the recent article about Sean Bagshaw's photography that appeared in the Oregon Outdoors section of the Mail Tribune.

Photo Cascadia Facebook Page

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David - Winner Nature's Best Photography


David's image "Garden Light" was a winner in the Public Gardens Category in "Nature's Best Photography" magazine's Natures Best Gardens contest.

summer dahlias


David's image "Summer Dahlias" was a winner in the Plant Category in "Nature's Best Photography" magazine's Natures Best Gardens contest.


David - Top Three Editor's Pick Award

David's image "War" taken on the Falkland Islands was a top three Editor's Pick Award for 2009 on the Nature Photographer's Network.

Adrian - PPO and Photo of the Year

Adrian's image "Wind Dancer's" taken over the summer during a short backpack trip in the Mt Hood Wilderness is part of the top 10 finalists in the Professional Category of This is the second year in a row Adrian has been part of the top 10 for this category.

With Professional Photographers of Oregon Adrian had his highest scoring print accepted to the Court of Honor along with taking home highest aggregate score in the Illustrative Division for the 2010 Annual Print Competition.