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Erin to Speak at the B&H Event Space in New York City



Monday, January 22, 2018
B&H Event Space
New York City Superstore, Second Floor
420 9th Avenue
New York, NY
Seats available. Free Registration.

“Exploration for Landscape Photography: Finding Your Own Frontiers”

Given the great many landscape photographs that feature the same, familiar locations, it might seem as though those places are all that is worthwhile photographing in the world. The reality is that an astonishing variety of highly photogenic locations are never photographed, while others are teeming with photographers who may be unaware of their other options. In this talk, Erin Babnik shares a wealth of information drawn from her own experiences of pioneering new locations for landscape photography. The story begins with a look at creative soul-searching that can be a guiding light in choosing a fruitful direction. From there the discussion continues through the many research strategies and resources that can help to make a large world and distant places become more accessible and familiar. Finally, Erin offers advice for the ultimate creative process of seeing and responding once the boots hit the ground.

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