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Death Valley and the Eastern Sierra 2017, Session 1 (FULL)



February 13–19, 2017
With Erin Babnik and Ted Gore

(Limit of 6 participants)

Cost per person: $1695

Immerse yourself in an adventure across this uniquely photogenic confluence of desert and mountain landscapes in eastern California. Nestled between some of the highest peaks in the country (the 14,000-foot snow-capped peaks of the Eastern Sierras) and the White and Inyo Mountains, our meeting point will be the high desert environment of Owens Valley. From here, we'll have access to a variety of landscapes that are found almost nowhere else in such close proximity: winding rivers below prominent, jagged granite mountains and alpine lakes to the west, the otherworldly tufa formations of Mono Lake to the north, and the uniquely diverse desert playas and dune fields of Death Valley to the east. Our itinerary for this tour will be flexible, in order to chase weather, light, and conditions as they occur—we'll use our experience to put you in the best possible position to make compelling photographs.

You will not only be taken to the best photography locations the deserts of eastern California have to offer, but will also be guided through the entire process of making compelling photographs, from in-field techniques to post production. You will be instructed on choosing the best compositions, how to best utilize different types of light ranging from subtle to dramatic, how to capture the proper amount of dynamic range and depth of field, how to approach raw conversion, blending, sharpening, and artistic choices—the whole nine yards! Learn master processing skills and discover how to make your images stand out above the rest. Instruction goes far beyond the basics, although those who need more basic instruction will certainly be accommodated. And with a smaller group, you will enjoy a more intimate experience, having more time to work with the instructors on an individual basis.

 All three sessions of this workshop are currently full, but you may request to be added to the waiting list for the session of your choice. Contact Erin to be added to the waiting list for the session that you would prefer.


Instructors : Erin Babnik and Ted Gore
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