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Fine Art Photography and Timelapse in Death Valley & the Eastern Sierra (FULL)





(February 26-March 3, 2018)

With Erin Babnik and Michael Shainblum


Cost: $2495 per person (Limit of 10 participants)




Join Erin Babnik and Michael Shainblum for a unique cross-disciplinary workshop that focuses on both fine art still photography and timelapse photography. This workshop is intended for photographers who are interested in either of these photographic specialties and would like to further their potential by learning more about the creative concerns and techniques that these two types of photography have in common. We will begin by emphasizing the areas of overlap and will build from there to explore the ideas and techniques that are specific to each photographic specialty. By learning more about the realms of stills and timelapse, participants will leave this workshop with a great understanding of aesthetics and storytelling in either type of photography and will have technical training in both.

Our locations will include spectacular areas in Death Valley National Park and the Eastern Sierra that will provide us with variety of photogenic scenes that are found almost nowhere else in such close proximity. We will have opportunities to visit winding rivers, jagged granite mountains, alpine lakes, otherworldly tufa formations, and diverse desert playas and dune fields. The precise location of each outing will be determined according to weather conditions in order to maximize the photographic potential of each day.

The workshop will culminate in a substantial two-part program of processing and editing instruction in the comfort of a hotel conference room. During the processing program, we will present techniques that focus on both the art and the craft of producing compelling still photographs and timelapse videos.

Participants will have the benefit of two instructors and will have the opportunity to experiment with still and motion gear that we will have on hand courtesy of our sponsors.

No level of experience is necessary for participants of this workshop. Whether you are just beginning or are a seasoned pro, we are happy to help you move forward with your photography.


Instructors : Erin Babnik and Michael Shainblum
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