A New Gadget by David M. Cobb

September 10th, 2014 by photocascadia

A New Gadget

By David M. Cobb


I’ve spent far too many hours looking for lost lens caps over the years, and many times I replace them with lost lens caps I’ve found in the field. There is a new gadget designed by Darren Siegel who began Hufa to stop those lens caps from disappearing. It’s a pretty simple clip that hooks on to your camera strap, and when you take your lens cap off, you just clip it to your strap – pretty easy. Not that they designed it for this function, but I find they work pretty well with filters too when I’m out in the field. I’ve added a video below so you can see how the clip functions.

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  • I was able to test out the Hufa on our last workshop and it was great. I’ve already lost most of my lens caps, so I found it most helpful in holding on to my lens hoods. I’m always at a loss for where to put the lens hood for the 70-200mm. My fingers aren’t long enough to reach inside the hood and rotate the polarizer and if I put the hood on backwards, in storage position, it covers up the focus ring, so I take it off all the time. When I take the hood off I don’t like to put it on the ground and putting it back in my pack means I can’t get to it when I need it. It clipped into the Hufa easily and stayed safe and secure on my backpack strap, right where I could grab it in an instant when needed. Cool!

  • Jon

    I installed the one I won at the Olympic National Park workshop on my backpack strap and love it. Before I was putting the cap in my pants pockets, but the moisture moving out through the layers would condensing on the cap, i would put the cap back on the lens, camera back in the pack and the next time i pulled the camera out…Fogged up Lens! Now I will have to give the lens hood a try. Thanks Sean