Abstract Nature Photography Revisited

February 16th, 2016 by Adrian Klein

I did a blog post a number of years back on abstract nature photography yet it’s been a long time and thought I would revisit this topic. I really enjoy this type of photography especially when you find hidden gems that others may not have seen or might have passed over many times before you. Often what ends up being the final photo doesn’t jump out at you without surveying a scene for potential compositions. Sometimes I dig in and strike it rich finding those gems and other times I come up empty handed which is part of the fun.

Rather than a lot of typing for this post I will let the video do most of the talking this time around. I am not normally the video tutorial kind of person yet I am getting myself to branch out into this type of work. Below is the video and three photos I discuss in greater detail. For each scene I show several compositions I took leading up to the final to help understand my thought process to build a compelling abstract or intimate nature photo.

Standing Tall – In cold wet forest of the Columbia River Gorge in early winter

Standing Tall

Desert Lizard – In the dry cool desert Southwest in Fall inside Zion National Park

Desert Lizard

Final Flames of Fall – Above a forest in the Columbia River Gorge during the final days of fall


Video covering the three photos above in much more detail. Happy viewing!

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  • Hobbs10

    This was very informative and a great video. Thank you and it was helpful. Hope you have more.

    • Thanks for feedback, always appreciated. I do plan to record more in the near future.

  • I am glad that you have shared the video version here instead of written tutorial. Though not so expert on Photography still after watching the video I get to know that background plays a vital role in abstract nature photography and I am quite sure, people gonna find it very helpful as well.

  • I like the video, thank you for sharing and give us a chance to post a comments.

  • Stunning photography post. It will be beneficially for all the the newbie like me. Thanks for the helpful post.

  • The video is awesome. It is informative & helpful. Thanks for sharing this.