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There are few groups out there already that have collaborated on website and other efforts in relation to Nature Photography, what makes your team different and how was it started?

Originally this idea was discussed as being a simple blog and turned into a little more than just a blog as you can see. Once upon a time I was invited to collaborate with other portrait photographers to do something on a local level. I declined since I was not taking anymore new portrait business. That got me thinking about doing something similar for nature photography, my number one photography passion, since I was not aware of a group that only included photographers from the Northwest. From there I mentioned it to my peer Kevin McNeal to get his thoughts on people we knew already that we felt would be a good fit. Fortunately everyone said yes! For me I liked the idea because I think it's tough as an individual to maintain new, meaningful and fresh content on a very frequent basis, something that is pretty much expected on the Internet today. If people come to your blog and see the last time you posted anything was months ago you might as well be six feet under! However as a team it becomes a shared effort and much more attainable. I have always believed that team efforts can be very valuable in many ways and allow for goals that seem like you need to move mountains to accomplish or always get put on the back burner when you are doing all projects on your own. Life is busy and busy is life. Sean Bagshaw put it very well in terms of "the sum is greater than the parts" which is very true here. Everyone on the team already has some level of established photography business , desire to share knowledge, experience leading workshops, growing collection of fine photography, loves the outdoors and lives in the wonderful region we know as Cascadia.

Does the PC team have PC specific workshops available?

Not at this time. As you will see on our website we have many workshop offerings. They are all offered by one or more of the PC members through their own photography business. Think of it as a directory to find a workshop that meets your needs. You can sign up for them by visiting the accompanying link for each of the workshops listed. Additionally the listings on the PC site are meant to be high level only, please visit the actual workshop website for more details and sign up information.

When will the PC team have additional products available for purchase such as calendars, books, cards, etc?

We are exploring the products we want to create and sell in the future. If you have a preference of what you would like to see please let us know. We value all feedback. If you are interested in knowing more when products and or other information is available please subscribe to our mailing list from our website. And if you are a commercial vendor or retailer reading this and want to assist the PC group in creating a future product we look forward to hearing from you.

How can I buy fine art prints from images I see in the Photo Cascadia (PC) galleries?

Good question. Currently all members of PC sell prints on through their own respective websites. We do not yet have a shopping cart system on this website. Please see the individual members websites, or for some members such as Sean Bagshaw and Adrian Klein you can link right from the image you see in each of their galleries to purchase a print.