The Photo Cascadia Team


Photo (fo-to), n., short for photograph, from the Greek, phos (φως), meaning “light”, and -grapho (γράφω), meaning “to write/draw”. An image created by light. Cascadia (kas-kad-ee-a), n., a term that derives from the Cascade Range, referring to the Pacific Northwest.

The purpose of the Photo Cascadia Team is to explore areas of natural beauty, encourage stewardship and conservation and offer inspiration by sharing our images, our stories, and our knowledge with other photographers who share our passion.

Photo Cascadia consists of seven photographers: Erin Babnik, Sean Bagshaw, David Cobb, Adrian Klein, Kevin McNeal, Chip Phillips,  and Zach Schnepf. We are all from the Cascadia region and share the common interest of photographing the striking beauty of the outdoors, especially the Northwestern United States. Along with a variety of content on this website, we maintain a blog that is updated regularly where we share educational insights, images and stories from our travels, tips and tricks, and other photography-related content. Our goal is not only to share wonderful images and stories with viewers but to provide an online resource that will be a benefit to photographers of all levels. We also offer workshops as team member collaborations and as individual offerings.

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