Adrian Klein

Adrian Klein

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Location: Portland, OR
Favorite Location in Cascadia: Three Sisters Wilderness
Must Have Gear: A great tripod!
Photographic Influences: All of Photo Cascadia, Galen Rowell, Ansel Adams and Guy Tal just to name a few of the many Website:
Social: Facebook | Instagram | Flickr
Phone: 503.395.5223
Adrian Klein loves being outdoors with a passion for capturing it through his camera lens. He has traveled the parks, shorelines, and wilderness capturing images that represent each area through his own artistic eye from the curbs to the far off trails. He grew up on a property in a forest with a stream running through it that sparked his outdoor interest very early on. He strives for continuing education in photography to in turn allow him to capture and display the best photos possible. Adrian is an active member of the photographic community including his past tenure on Professional Photographers of Oregon Board of Directors and leading the effort to help create Photo Cascadia with this amazing group of talented photographers. Awards and juried exhibitions include PPO, PPA, ICPA, Nature’s Best and Center for Fine Arts. Besides his personal adventures for photography, he very much enjoys helping others learn more about photography and the outdoors. The main equipment he uses when heading out to photograph includes Canon and Sony camera systems, fstopgear bags, Colorado tripod/ball head and or Gitzo and Acratech setup. He only mentions this since the gear question still comes up frequently. Yet he is a firm believer while good quality equipment is needed, what the person does behind the lens matters most which applies to anyone reading this.

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