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My Favorite Tool In Adobe Photoshop 2021

My Favorite Tool In Adobe Photoshop 2021

When you open up “Color Grading” you are presented with three different color wheels, each one for the different tones. Within that color wheel, you have a cursor selection. By moving that cursor left or right you can adjust the hue of the color. Moving that cursor closer or further away from the center of the wheel adjusts the saturation. There is a new Luminance slider below the color wheel that allows you to make brightness changes to that specific color.

Deep Fakes and Impact to Art Photography

Deep Fakes and Impact to Art Photography

I am sure when you hear the term deep fake photography or video that you don’t think of it having anything to do with nature or art photography. It normally conjures up thoughts of political drama or someone sadly creating a deep fake out of revenge. Right now the...

Travels to North Dakota

Travels to North Dakota

  It might surprise you to know but I enjoy photographing in North Dakota, and for the past couple of years I’ve been experiencing the photographic challenges there. The western states where I live have so many mountains, canyons, waterfalls, forests, wildflower...







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