Kevin McNeal

Kevin McNeal

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Location: Olympia, WA
Favorite Location in Cascadia: Banff National Park in the winter
Must Have Gear: Singh-Ray Filters, Nikon
Photographic Influences: Honestly the people on this website are my inspirations
Recommended Book of Nature: Anything by Tim Fitzharris

Kevin McNeal is a landscape photographer who resides Olympia, Washington. Kevin has a great compositional eye and happily shares his imaging skills with fellow photographers during photo tours, photography workshops and Adobe Photoshop classes. Kevin describes his photography style as “surreal,” using stacked focusing of several 35mm images to attain relative “large format” sharpness throughout his images, plus an extensive use of graduated filters and post-processing to attain his distinctive flair. He has photographed widely in the American West as well as Scandinavia, Tuscany, Mexico and the Caribbean. Photographing the light in a storm’s aftermath has produced some of his favorite images. Kevin is a popular program presenter for camera clubs in the Pacific Northwest and his images have appeared in numerous photography magazines, including Outdoor Photographer and National Geographic.

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