Zack Schnepf

Zack Schnepf


Location: Bend, OR
Favorite Location in Cascadia: Enchantment Lakes Wilderness, Three Sisters Wilderness, McKenzie River
My Gear: Nikon D850, Nikkor14-24mm, Tamron 24-70 G2, Tamron 70-200 G2, Gitzo 1350 tripod w/BH3 Head
Photographic Influences: Galen Rowell, Marc Adamus, Guy Tal
Recommended Book of Nature: 180 Degrees South


Zack is an award winning photographer specializing in fine art landscape photography and post processing.  “Art is a way of life for my family.  My father is a well known poster artist and painter.  My mom was a painter and print maker and my brother is an art director.  This is something I’m trying to pass on to my children as well.”

“The love of nature is also something that my family and I are passionate about.  I’ve been hiking, biking, rock climbing and backpacking since I was little.  From an early age, I learned to appreciate beauty in nature.”


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