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Zack Schnepf

Name: Zack Schnepf

Location: Portland, OR
Favorite Location in Cascadia: Enchantment Lakes Wilderness, Mt. Jefferson Wilderness
Must Have Gear: Canon 5D II, 17-40L, Gitzo 1350 tripod w/BH3 Head
Photographic Influences: Galen Rowell, Marc Adamus, Guy Tal
Recommended Book of Nature: The Art of Nature Photography


Phone: 503-639-5663

Zack is an award winning photographer specializing in fine art landscape photography.  "Art is in my blood.  My father is a well known poster artist and painter.  My mom is a painter, and print maker and my brother is a designer at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan.  Art is a way of life for my family, and I will hopefully pass it on to my daughter as well."

"The love of nature is also something that my family and I are passionate about.  I’ve been hiking, biking, rock climbing and backpacking since I was little.  My parents taught me to appreciate the beauty in nature and to help preserve it for all to enjoy."