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Year In Images 2018 Video!

Year In Images 2018 Video!

Welcome To Our Year In Images!  It's our favorite time of year...that time when we look back at our Year In Images! Each year we put together a video revisiting the photographs, adventures and team antics that made the year memorable. This year brought saw team...

Video – Building Actions to Automate Repetitive Tasks in Photoshop

Video – Building Actions to Automate Repetitive Tasks in Photoshop

Actions allow me to be much more efficient with my time in Photoshop.  I try to automate any repetitive task I can in Photoshop by building actions.  One of the most common actions I run is the one I demonstrate in the video.  I resize, sharpen, add a watermark, position the watermark and save the jpeg file in a specific folder on my hard drive.  As you’ll see in the video, if done manually, this can take 5-10 minutes each time, but if you record an action it takes a few seconds.


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