With all that has been going on lately, I thought I would just keep it simple this time and post a few of my personal, peaceful, favorites and tell a little about them. These aren’t necessarily my most popular images or well liked among others, just ones that mean a lot to me because of the story surrounding them and the state of mind I was in when they were shot. I hope you enjoy.


“Late Spring Snow, Palouse” The Palouse in Washington State is an area that is very close to my home, and by far one of my most shot and favorite locations. I have been up to Steptoe Butte during all of the four seasons with any weather combination imaginable. This particular evening stands out to me as one of my all time favorites. It was early spring, so the trees and crops were just starting to turn green and yellow, and a passing snow squall had left behind a faint dusting just before sunset. I had no trouble finding a favorite composition and just shot a few frames of this scene while taking it all in.


“Elk Island Sunrise”  This image was shot on Elk Island in the middle of Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park. I was camped just on the other side of this island with my family on an overnight boat camping trip. The night we arrived, our backcountry site was full of beautiful lupine flowers so I figured that there would be some good ones on the other side of the island as well.  headed over around the island by boat to check it out. Lo and behold, I found some great flowers and settled on a spot to visit for sunrise.  We were the only ones camped on the whole island and that morning shooting this scene was as peaceful as can be. I will always remember it.


“Sunrise Reflections, Saint Mary Lake” I discovered this favorite spot of mine many years ago on the shore of Saint Mary Lake in Glacier National Park. Pretty much every time I had previously shot there, the wind was at least blowing a little, and very often blowing over 40mph. I must have visited this location 15 times or more before this shot was taken. I have always been the only one there, and on this particular morning everything just lined up so nicely.  I will never forget that whole morning, from arriving in the dark with bear spray in hand, to watching the clouds turn from blue-grey to pink and reflect in the calm water. These are the mornings I like so much.


“Jasper Sunset” This is an old favorite of mine that I shot a few years after just starting out with photography. I found an opening in the Athabasca River on my way to Jasper National Park and walking along the river just exploring different compositions and different angles for quite a while until sun set. I found this spot that I liked and shot this peaceful scene for 30 or so minutes. It wasn’t particularly cold, or windy, but a very peaceful quite evening out on the river.

I hope you all stay healthy during this trying time. I’m sending good thoughts to everyone.




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