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Due to the personal nature of its content, the article that I published this week appears on my own website. After losing my home, my office, and everything inside to the wildfire of November 8, I have been incredibly fortunate and grateful to receive immense support from the photography community. It is difficult to know how to thank the very many people who have been reaching out to make my recovery easier. I decided that sharing my story would be a good way to start.



Erin Babnik is a full-time landscape photographer, photography educator, writer, and speaker. Immersion in the visual arts has been the one constant in Erin’s life, including an extensive background in various studio arts and a doctoral education in the history of art. Erin divides her time between Cascadia’s Californian southern boundary and Europe, teaching workshops and giving talks on both continents. You can learn more about Erin and her ideas about photography through a variety of interviews with her.  |  Erin’s Website:

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