It’s the 10-year anniversary for Photo Cascadia this year, and during this time we’re reposting a few blogs you might have missed the first time around. A few things have changed since I wrote this lightweight backpacking article, the advent of cuben fiber makes gear much lighter. However, the biggest change is in the cameras and lenses. With the release of mirrorless cameras by Canon, Fuji, Nikon, and Sony and lighter available lenses, pack weight with a camera is now a whole lot lighter.

My gear has changed a bit as I now have a Six Moon Designs tent and backpack, and the Six Moon Designs Luna Solo tent was recently awarded Backpacker’s Tent of the Year for 2019. I also carry an air mattress to replace my foam pad for greater sleeping comfort.

Other than that, much of the article holds and should prove helpful to those who like to backpack and photograph. 

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