An afternoon of stormy skies and splashes of sunlight in Southern Utah

I wrote these two blogs back in 2012 so they are definitely near the bottom of the archives when it comes to the blogs I have created on Photo Cascadia. Here we are seven years later with this topic still very relevant today. In fact I find the need to skip sunrise and or sunset occurs a little more often in my life than when I wrote these originally. This is primarily by choice.

As I balance out my photography business with family, another job and other factors I find many photos that find their way into my portfolio don’t involve the alarm going off at 3 am for sunrise drive or staying up until 2 am for moon light. All of that is fun and I do still enjoy it, just not at the fevered pitch I would do it my early days with what felt at times like day after day of sleep deprivation.

I hope you find these just as insightful today as when I wrote them years ago. If you have your own thoughts on this topic I would love to hear them in the comments.

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