Sean Bagshaw has produced a tutorial for people who are brand new to Photoshop. He takes you through 10 easy to follow steps that will show you how to:

  • Install Photoshop
  • Open an image
  • Learn the Layout
  • Level and Crop
  • Clean-up Images
  • Adjust Exposure and Color Balance
  • Enhance Color
  • Make Local Adjustments
  • Save A Master File
  • Size and Sharpen For Web and Print
  • Bonus Tips

The tutorial is available for free on Sean’s website.

Sean is an outdoor photographer, digital image developing enthusiast and photography educator based in Ashland, Oregon, where he resides with his wife and two sons. His previous career as a science teacher makes photography education a good fit. Sean teams up with fellow Photo Cascadia members leading workshops. He also teaches digital image developing classes, lectures and offers a series of Photoshop video tutorials.

More posts by Sean     Visit Sean’s Image Gallery    Visit Sean’s Website    

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