Erin Babnik is one of five cast members in the pilot episode of a new show on AdoramaTV, a round table discussion regarding current issues in landscape photography. Seated with Erin were photographers Chris Burkhard, Keith Ladzinski, Pete McBride, and Jacob Riglin, plus the episode’s moderator, Kishore Sawh.

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Erin Babnik is a full-time landscape photographer, photography educator, writer, and speaker. Immersion in the visual arts has been the one constant in Erin’s life, including an extensive background in various studio arts and a doctoral education in the history of art. Erin divides her time between Cascadia’s Californian southern boundary and Europe, teaching workshops and giving talks on both continents. You can learn more about Erin and her ideas about photography through a variety of interviews with her.  |  Erin’s Website:

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