Today Canon USA issued a press release naming Erin Babnik as a Canon Explorer of Light. Erin published the following statement about this giant milestone in her career:

With sincerest appreciation of everyone who has supported me over the years, I am thrilled to announce that I have received the greatest honor of my career: being named a Canon Explorer of Light! In this role, I am joining a small group of professional photographers for whom I have the greatest admiration, all dedicated to providing insight, inspiration, and education to future generations of creative photographers. From the very beginning of my journey in photography, I have regarded the Explorers of Light as models of creative drive, educational excellence, and professional achievement. It is truly humbling to be joining those who are currently carrying on this great tradition, and I am beginning this new chapter in my career with a deep sense of gratitude and immense excitement.

Erin also released a video announcement, which you can view here:





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