Adrian Klein and I recently sat down to discuss our favorite type of photography-capturing nature’s details and photographing abstracts. We hope you join us for our discussion.

Today we are sharing Episode 3 of Wide Angle with Photo Cascadia. Episode 3 features David Cobb and Adrian Klein and the times and topics are:

0:08 Intro

1:17 Finding the Small Scene in the Larger Landscape

2:11 Using the Telephoto to Find an Intimate Landscape

3:05 A Ying and Yang Approach to Abstracts

3:39 What Makes a Good Intimate Scene

4:12 Picking Out Scenes in Chaos

6:11 Utilize Your Focal Plane

8:19 Finding Abstracts in Rusty Old Subjects

11:02 Abstracts in Layers of Color

12:03 Finding Abstracts in Lichens

13:12 The Importance of Spacing in Abstract Images

14:11 Utilizing Bounce Light

15:09 Using Time and other Factors to Create an Abstract Image

16:34 Creating Abstracts by Panning and Multiple Exposures

14:43 Abstracts in Water Reflections

We hope you enjoy this new episode of Wide Angle with Photo Cascadia. Leave us a comment below or over on YouTube with any photography comments you would like the Photo Cascadia team to chat about.

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