Recently Sean Bagshaw and I were practicing our social distancing by discussing forest photography from our homes, please join us for our discussion.

Today we are sharing Episode 2 of Wide Angle with Photo Cascadia. Episode 2 features David Cobb and Sean Bagshaw discussing how to photograph in a forest. Times and topics of this episode are:

0:06 Intro

1:10 The Challenge of Forest Photography

1:42 What to Look for in Forest Photography

3:42 Photographing the Mid-Section of the Forest

5:27 The Best Lenses and Focal Length for Forest Photography

6:35 Looking for Corridors

11:56 Using a Wide-Angle Lens in the Forest

13:18 Photographing Forest Ground Cover

15:31 Look for Trees with Character

16:11 Macro Photography on the Forest Floor

17:11 What Light Do I Look for in the Forest?

21:13 One Final Point on Forest Photography


We hope you enjoy this new episode of Wide Angle with Photo Cascadia. Leave us a comment below or over on YouTube with any photography topics you would like to hear the Photo Cascadia team chat about.

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