This past summer my family and I had a chance to do some traveling and of course Grand Teton National Park was on the list, one of my all time favorites. We had many adventures, and all of us getting sleep in a small travel trailer with our 8 month old, Arthur, was a challenge for sure. He had a great time though and we were very happy to get the chance to introduce him to this beautiful area. I did get a chance to get out for some good light, and even made it on two backpacking trips with my 6 year old son David.


The image below was shot from one of my favorite overlooks. I am usually the only one there which makes for some very peaceful shooting. This particular evening it had rained all day long. I noticed a break approaching so I grabbed my camera gear and headed out to this spot. Just as I arrived and quickly got set up, this happened and I was able to get a few shots just as the rain stopped. I used my 70-200mm telephoto lens and combined a total of 4 shots for a panorama, then cropped a bit off each side. I needed two exposures for each of the two images that I combined, one for the foreground, and one 2 stops darker for the sky. I made two panorama’s in Lightroom. One was a combination of the two foreground images, and one was a combo of the two sky images. I opened both up in Photoshop and combined them using a simple blending technique.


This is one that I shot while on a backpacking trip with my son, David. The trek out to Hermitage Point on Jackson Lake is one that I hadn’t done before so I thought we would give it a try. The hike is fairly long, but with very little elevation gain or loss. We made it out, set up our camp, and then decided to head out to the point for some photography. The below image is a combination of two exposures, one for the flowers and one for the highlight detail in the sky. I combined them with a simple blending technique after auto-aligning in Photoshop.


Below is an image that I shot during a beautifull sunset from a favorite spot down in Antelope Valley. For this image, I used my 24-70mm lens at about 28mm. This a single exposure, exposed for the highlights. I bumped up the foreground shadows in Lightroom, and did some further tonal and color work in Photoshop.


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