After a busy Art Show and Workshop season, I’m finally continuing my Advanced Post Processing Workflow series on YouTube.  In episode six I demonstrate how I build an action to automate the repetitive task of preparing images for the web.  Actions are an incredibly powerful tool to automate any repetitive tasks in Photoshop.  Actions allow you to record a sequence of operations, you can then play these back on demand.  Actions can be a little tricky though, the operations you record need to be done in the correct sequence and with the right tools to allow them to be repeatable on different images.  A great example of the power of actions is the TK Action Panel.  Tony Kuyper records labor intensive and complicated sequences of operations as actions. He also built a panel with well organized buttons.  Each time you press a button the corresponding action is played.  Actions allow me to be much more efficient with my time in Photoshop.  I try to automate any repetitive task I can in Photoshop by building actions.  One of the most common actions I run is the one I demonstrate in the video.  I resize, sharpen, add a watermark, position the watermark and save the jpeg file in a specific folder on my hard drive.  As you’ll see in the video, if done manually, this can take 5-10 minutes each time, but if you record an action it takes a few seconds.

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Zack is an award winning photographer specializing in fine art landscape photography and post processing.  “Art is in my blood.  My father is a well known poster artist and painter.  My mom was a painter, and print maker and my brother is an art director at Facebook.  Art is a way of life for my family, and I will hopefully pass it on to my children as well.”

“The love of nature is also something that my family and I are passionate about.  I’ve been hiking, biking, rock climbing and backpacking since I was little.  From an early age, I learned to appreciate the beauty in nature.”

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